Meet your SUP guides!

We’d like to introduce you to our newest team members Claudio and Kelsey.

Hello, my name is Claudio from Spain.
Sports have always been in my life. Thrown in the sea when I was one it has been my passion ever since. I do sports as a profession as well as a hobby where I am able to enjoy myself and help others have the best experience.
My character is optimistic, adventurous and a bit of a clown, so I hope that I get to help everyone enjoy their experience.
Ask me about this when you meet me. They say no great story starts with a salad.
SUP Guides - Team Member Claudio
SUP Guides - Team Member Kelsey
Hi! I’m Kelsey from Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve recently graduated from University majoring in Psychology & I’m now excited for my next adventure! I lead an active lifestyle with a huge passion for the ocean and outdoor adventures. I’m really excited to explore Rhodes & work on the water :)